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Aerogel Glass

  • Price:$30/㎡ Determined by thickness
  • Visible light transmittance:≥60%
  • Thickness:5mm ~30mm
  • NRC:0.45

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Aerogel glass is a new type of building material which can replace all kinds of glass. She has many advantages which are far more better than ordinary glass;such as thermal stability and thermal shock resistance better than quartz glass, even in the high temperature of 1300 ℃ water, it will not break; its proportion is very small about the 0.07-0.25g / cm3,which is a few tenths of ordinary glass. Aerogel glass has better than the mineral wool insulation performance;Because it does not burn, it is a good fireproof material; also Aerogel glass has good sound insulation performance than the average both metal and glass more than 4 times higher. The earliest Aerogels are separated from the silica Aerogel. Of course, it can also be obtained from other materials. For example, Aerogel can be obtained from corundum, tungsten, iron oxide, zinc oxide, tin oxide, cellulose, nitrocellulose, animal Aerogels, agar, protein and gum. Aerogel glass was first developed in 1977 by the European Nuclear Research Center in Geneva. Later, the Swedish Lujie Sike University also began to develop.

aerogel glass


It can be widely used in modern technology and high-tech fields: such as used as aerospace, navigation glimpse of windows instead of car tempered glass; in the field of atomic energy and laser as a variety of radiation through the structural materials and precision optical instruments Optical components and so on. In short, it can replace ordinary glass, plexiglass, plastic and in these three materials competent in other areas to show their talents. Although in the shape, transparency and dyeing are similar to ordinary glass.


Technical Parameters:


Length≤1m Thickness 5mm ~30mm

Thermal Conductivity






aerogel glass
aerogel glass


  • Light diffused
  • Heat transfer minimizted
  • Sound transmission reduced
  • Moisture blocked


aerogel glass applicationaerogel glass applicationaerogel glass application


aerogel wall insulation

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